Master Gardener Project


The Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City sponsored by the University of Missouri Extension have maintained a demo plot at the Community Gardens every year since it opened at the present location. At the demo plot Master Gardeners try to demonstrate gardening techniques by using the University of Missouri Extension guide lines such as soil testing, use of fertilizer, planting time etc.,. Each year Master Gardeners plant several varieties of a vegetable to show off performance of varieties other than the more common ones normally found in gardens. In past years they have planted string beans, fall Cole crops, tomatoes, peppers, Edamame soybeans, sweet potatoes and in 2008, heritage potatoes.  The produce yields from our plantings have been given to harvesters, senior centers, and food kitchens.  A few good performing varieties from past years have been found to be a favorite by some of the gardeners and they now grow them.  Master Gardener's also try to answer questions from the other gardeners and give them a helping hand at times.


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