About School Yard Gardens

Promoting food gardens in schools to help children learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Benefits of Gardening in Schools

Students will have the opportunity to:

Develop gardening skills by planting and maintaining food crops in an outdoor garden setting.

Learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits as they taste and experiment with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Increase understanding of plant science and the basic concepts of plant growth through “hands-onexperience.

Increase environmental awareness by learning how to garden and how people fit into the garden environment.

What KCCG Can Do For Your School

Provide technical assistance consultation for starting the garden. This includes help with:

  • Site evaluation and selection
  • Soil preparation and tilling
  • Developing a planting plan
  • Identifying what to grow for a spring, summer or fall garden

And ….the Schoolyard Garden Coordinator is available to answer questions and help with the garden throughout the gardening season.

Provides low-cost gardening resources. A $2.00 Community Gardens membership entitles the school to reduced price seeds, plants, fertilizer, insect controls and low cost tilling.

Provides tools. Participating schools are eligible to borrow tools from the tool library. Schools may check out the tools they need and use them through the gardening season.

Assists in efforts to find volunteer support as a gardening resource for teachers and parents.

Provides training for teachers on the basics of gardening.


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